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  • Event Production

  • Doing an event can be a stressful endeavor no matter the size or the location.  The key to a successful event is having the right people all knowing what to do while placing the client’s best interest first.  When all these factors come together you can have an event beyond expectations. We strive to make every event the best it can be, down to the smallest of details.  We know that not everyone has a million dollar budget, but we treat everyone the same no matter how large or small.

    Our staff has traveled all over the United States producing events for our clients.  The reason we have been honored to do this, our clients trust us to be on time, and to produce the event the way they want it, that is the Paradym Difference. If you are new to the event industry, we will walk you through the process and cover all the details of what we do.  For people that have done events for years, they trust us by having Paradym do all of their events all over the country.

    Paradym Events regularly travels to Hawaii with our clients, the reason is we are more costs effective while producing a higher quality event the hiring local.  This might sound counter intuitive but let us show you how we can save you up to 50 percent on your event. We work closely with local vendors and growers directly saving money and passing this on to our clients.  Call us and we can provide more details on how we can save you stress, time and money on your event.