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  • Giving Back

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    Every hour of everyday someone is diagnosed with a devastating illness or experiences a personal trauma where even a little help will go a long way.  We at Paradym Events feel very strongly in supporting both our local and global charities.  While the need is always great in both good and trying times, Paradym Events strives to make a difference while providing help where at all possible.  While we wish we were able to support every cause that is close to our hearts, we do provide as much assistance as possible. 

    If you are looking to get involved we have provided a few links to charities that mean so much to us.  We consider Paradym Events to be very fortunate to be able to provide assistance and hope that everyone will be able to help someone less fortunate.   Please take a moment to look at some of these charities and think about the possibilities you might be able to provide. By giving back to a cause you believe in, you are able to change not just someone else life, but also your own.

    Thank you,

    Kevin and Mary Bennett

  • Charity Highlight


    These kids go to bed hungry and not knowing where their next meal will come from. Even when a meal is provided, it is often processed and unhealthy.

    Research shows that most children who lack proper nutrition are more likely to get sick. Hunger pains are debilitating and take a toll on mental and physical development, causing them to be less successful in life. This happens far too often in Oregon. We will change that starting here in Portland.

    We provide freshly prepared meals made from the best ingredients. OGT will work until every child receives the nourishment they deserve—one community at a time.

    The mission of Our Giving Table is to provide wholesome, non-processed food to underprivileged and foster kids in our backyard.

    They partner with a wide network of wholesalers and suppliers—even local farms—to ensure that our meals are made from nutritious ingredients. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meats and whole grains which are vital for proper nutrition.

    Volunteers will then prepare meals under the supervision of our experienced culinary team, made up of nutritionists and chefs with many years of food service experience.

    Meals will be delivered to DHS offices and high-priority elementary schools here in our backyards.


    OGT works closely with school administrators and DHS officials to determine need, ensuring weekend meals and assistance during the summer to elementary school aged children.

    Though our eventual goal is to eliminate hunger in all children, we will start by distributing at least 500 meals per month to the highest priority elementary schools and DHS offices.

    Follow the link below to make a donation to "Our Giving Table"