Ways to give back to the community
What Paradym Stands For

Every hour of everyday someone is diagnosed with a devastating illness or experiences a personal trauma where even a little help will go a long way.  We at Paradym Events feel very strongly in supporting both our local and global charities.  While the need is always great in both good and trying times, Paradym Events strives to make a change while providing help when at all possible.  While we wish we were able to support every cause that is close to our hearts, we do provide as much assistance as possible. 

If you are looking to get involved we have provided a few links to charities that mean so much to us.  We consider Paradym Events to be very fortunate to be able to provide assistance and hope that everyone will be able to help someone less fortunate.   Please take a moment to look at some of these charities and think about the possibilities you might be able to provide. By giving back to a cause you believe in, you are able to change not just someone else life, but also your own.

Thank you,

Kevin and Mary Bennett

Charity Highlight

Sept. 24, 2016

Bride Meadows


Imagine a unique multi-generational community located in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland where adoptive parents , foster children, and elders find a true home built with love and the shared vision of a better tomorrow. Where children move out from the instability of foster care placements to permanent homes and families and parents receive essential resources and guidance, while elders fin safe, affordable housing and an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families and their children.


Imagine an innovative solution at the intersection of child welfare, aging and affordable housing – issues that impact each of us, not just socially and emotionally but economically as well.


Bridge Meadows is the only intentional intergenerational housing community for foster youth, adoptive parents, and low-income elders in the region, and the only one in the country in an urban setting.

By leveraging the power of place, permanence and purpose, Bridge Meadows helps three generations transform individual vulnerability into collective strength.


Imagine learning more by attending our Fall Auction and Gala on Thursday September 24th at 6pm at the Portland Art Museum. For more information: www.bridgemeadows.org


Here is a link to a recent Oregon Live artical to read more about Bridge Meadows and see some wonderful photo's. Oregonlive

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