Alice in Wonderland
Mad Hatters dinner
Wizard of Oz
Munchkin land
Holiday Event
Snow People
Winter holiday
4th of July Celebration

Red, White and Blue

Street Themed Event
Nike Street Theme
Lava Entrance Hawaii
Custom Entrance
Volcano Island
Soda Shop
50's Theme
Soda Shop decor and centerpieces
Ribbon Entrance
Private holiday celebration
Themed Party
Pirate holiday party
Pirate Theme
Buffet vignette - pirate party
Flapper Event
Themed Party
20's flapper party
School Auction
French artist theme
Wine Makers Dinner
Boy's & Girls Club
Senator John Glenn Dinner
Space - inter lit floral centerpieces
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvahs night club  
Tent Decor
Beach ball tent decor
Tiki God entrance
Special Birthday Party
Doris's 85th birthday lunch